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We like craft beer, A LOT.  We like it so much that we became home brewers.  Home brewing turned into meetings with other home brewers and drinking A LOT of craft beer.  Which took us on an adventure all over Michigan, camping out with other brewers and getting a taste of the craft beer life.   Our love of the craft beer adventure and hitting the open road eventually led us home again to the best business venture possible: a brewery in our home town! The OpenRoad Brewery is a home away from home where you can drink craft beer, meet some neat people and get a taste of adventure from the open road.  


The open road can be comforting or adventurous, well traveled or off the beaten path.  It can take you places you have never been and return you home again. At the OpenRoad Brewery our beers are crafted with these principles in mind.
So, hit the OpenRoad Brewery in Downtown Wayland where you will feel the comfort of home and the adventure of the open road in every drink. 
The Brewers, Bruce and Branden Patrick.

Our Team

Bruce Patrick, Owner

Branden Patrick, Owner

Mike Navis, Head Brewer

OpenRoad Brewery