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OpenRoad Brewery Hosts the First Annual Beer Pong Tournament

Registration is at 5:30pm on July 15th at the OpenRoad Brewery.

Sign-up Below!

Registrants must provide valid ID of 21 years of age or older to participate in the tournament.


Brackets will be updated once weekly.  There are only 16 teams, so sign-up today!

1.)Fill out the Team Name and Player information

2.)Hit Submit

3.)Fill out Team Name again for tracking purposes.

3.)Click Purchase Ticket to pay for your team.  Only 1 ticket required per team.  Total per team is $25.00.

4.) A receipt will be sent to your email following purchase!


The OpenRoad is hosting our 1st annual Beer Pong Tournament on July 15th! $25 buy-in- includes 2 beers per round of play. Single Elimination. Teams report to the ORB at 5:30pm for registration.

Tournament Winners:
1st Place: $100 Cash
2nd Place: $25 gift card to the ORB
•20 Min Time Limit*
•12 cups
•2 re-racks at players choice (not mid turn)
•No Blowing
•No Fingering
•Bounce Counts for 2 Cups Pulled...
•Each Player Sinks the Same Cup Roll ‘Em Back
•Hit Cups Remain on the Table Until Round is Done
•Sudden Death Rebuttal on Final Cup- First to Miss is Out

*Person with Most Cups down at 20 minutes will move to the next round. If tied, there will be a 5 minute tie breaker.



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